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About coffee growing ... We give you some tricks to improve the yield of your coffee trees

About coffee growing ... We give you some tricks to improve the yield of your coffee trees
Hello Qualerylovers! As we promised you a few days ago, today we continue our journey to discover some other little secrets about the world of coffee. Specifically, today we are going to explain to you how we should prepare the land of our coffee plantations and carry out the transplant so that our harvest is optimal.

Are you ready?

First of all, you should know that for the proper growth of coffee trees it is essential to have a flat or slightly sloping terrain and protected from the wind. And, of course, do a good preparation of the plantation in which the coffee trees will grow once they have reached the necessary degree of maturity in the nursery seedlings. This task is carried out approximately one year before sowing, and, for this, the following activities must be carried out:

    Create the cabilla where the new plants will be planted.
    Remove all logs and weeds from the adult plantation.
    Measure the distance between bush and bush, which is about 70 centimeters, and between plant and street, which is around 2.5 meters.

Once the land has been prepared, we move on to the transplanting phase. After about 5 months in the nurseries, our plants are already mature enough to be transplanted to the field or coffee plantation. To plant the coffee tree, the plastic sleeve must be removed from the seedbed without destroying the 'earth bread', which must be slightly damp. At the bottom of the hole we will mix enriched soil, compost and place the coffee tree in the center. We add enriched soil until the `neck` of the coffee tree is at ground level and we press strongly around it, avoiding air pockets.

It is then that the coffee tree begins to grow and must be closely watched by professionals, who will be in charge of fertilizing the crop for adequate nutrition of the crop, which will allow obtaining the highest possible yields and excellent

product quality; of the prevention and control of plagues; of selective pruning ... and soon, very soon we will begin to see the first blooms, which usually occur between 2 and 5 years after sowing.

The life cycle of a coffee tree is about 20, 25 years, although its maximum productivity usually occurs between the sixth and eighth year.

Flowering is one of the most spectacular moments of the coffee growing process ... don't miss our next post, we'll tell you about it in detail!

See you soon!


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