A story of effort, will and passion

We are Qualery

Since being founded in 2000, Qualeryhas been a benchmark model in Spain for the development and commercialisation of specialty coffee and soluble products for vending and dispensing machines, and groups.

Our experience in the vending sector has provided us with an extensive knowledge of the needs of customers and markets. This allows us to offer custom-made solutions, particularly tailored to each of the sectors in which we operate.
In 2018, Qualery products were trusted by over 170,000,000 services worldwide.

Our products

We contribute to the industrialisation of the culture of taste. We promote wellbeing and good health with a selection of products and services of the highest quality. Our exclusive specialty coffees and soluble drinks (milk, cocoa, blends) boast excellence in their taste, aroma and quality.

Usingthe most advanced technology and the best raw materials allows us at Qualeryto manage comprehensively, directly and in a personalised way all the processes concerned with growingand harvestingour coffees, as well as the manufacturing of soluble products, thus guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and, most importantly, taste.

Finca las Nubes

A jewel from the North
Our coffees carry the aroma and the character of their places of origin. We trust in coffee growers such as Don Víctor Robelo at Finca Las Nubesestate to bring the best arabica coffee to our customers. Located in the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua, on an irregular area 700m over sea level, the Finca Las Nubesenjoys a tropical climate that makes it the perfect spot to grow coffee. This allowed us to implement proper technological stations to bring to you the best produce of our land.

Continuing with the tradition of excellence in the products and the management of processes, Finca Las Nubes is Rainforest Alliance certified, which guarantees sustainable agricultural practices and long-lasting change in the community.


Our production centre in Val de Santo Domingo (Toledo, Spain), over 5,000 m2, is home to the coffee roasting station and the production facilities for soluble and cocoa beverages. With the best selection of green coffee beanswe can import, we apply specific natural roasting curves for each origin in our industrial roaster, as we striveto achieve the perfect balance in our specialty coffees.

Innovation and quality

Innovation and quality are the guarantees to our success. Our methodology allows us to fully control and trace the raw produce and the final product in order to obtain the best coffees and soluble beverages. To this end, we combine the most advanced technology with artisanal care in the manufacturing and our daily processes.

We hold the IFS Food Standard, a quality standard recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which certifies an effective management system for food safety. Furthermore, an effective Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system controls all the risks associated with our processes, assessing and improving their efficacy by means of suitable systems for quality control, personnel training and continuing assessment of providers.

Our commitment

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