At Qualery we are fully committed to continually improving our activities in terms of our respect for the environment and sustainable development. These are the strategic pillars supporting our business policy.

We support our own Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by developing actions and initiatives that contribute to overall SDGs to help achieve global agenda targets through our commitment to sustainability. We are leaders in the new generation of vending machines and coffee products.

Qualery - Sustainable


Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on a set of procedures that are integrated into the whole organisation and are based on the following initiatives:


Eco Agreed 2030

With Esecom, a plan to reduce the CO2 carbon footprint and a comprehensive management plan for decarbonisation has been carried out. This was awarded the Net Zero Emissions Certification by the Spanish Department for Ecological Transition. Qualery has been a certified Net Zero Emissions company since November 2022.


Our energy supply has been replaced with renewable sources thanks to the installation of 120 solar panels for improved energy efficiency and more sustainable production.

As well as adjusting the contracted electrical power and monitoring reactive energy consumption, the existing fleet of vehicles are being replaced with more sustainable vehicles and charging points are being installed at our facilities.


We produce 5 millon of compostable/eco cups per year, which are distributed by our main vending operators.

As well as our products, which are non-polluting and of natural origin, our speciality coffees, organic coffee and 100% natural cocoa are all harvested at source through a natural and sustainable process.


We would like to highlight our speciality Rosewood coffee, made in cooperation with our Nicaraguan strategic partner, Rainforest Alliance-certified Víctor Robelo of Finca las Nubes. Víctor Robelo is dedicated to using sustainable agricultural practices and creating lasting change in the community by standardising environmental, social, and economic criteria that seek to promote sustainability. We trust Víctor Robelo to offer our customers the best arabica coffee in Qualery.


We contribute to the industrialization of the culture of flavor, promoting the well-being and health of people through an offer of products and services aimed at the sensory fullness of customers at any stage of their lives.

Nutrisalud through specialty coffee with health benefits such as improved body metabolism, energy intake or high natural antioxidant content. Also, continuous innovation in healthy products such as Qualery Milk, dehydrated or granulated milk with a high percentage of nutrients rich in calcium or vitamins A, E and K.

We maintain a close relationship with the world of sports, betting and promoting sports practice and a healthy lifestyle, maximizing the quality of the products.


We foster economic growth and job opportunities in depopulated and rural areas; job flexibility, training and internal promotion; collaborations and alliances to serve local social causes.

We recognise women’s leading role in the world of sport through the Alhaja Project, where 50% of our Alhaja Blend coffee sales go to sponsoring women's teams and female athletes from the Toledo province and Castilla la Mancha region (e.g. clubs such as CD Toledo Femenino and AD Bargas Femenino).

We offer fairtrade and sustainable products such as Fairtrade-certified Qualery Fairtrade Colombia, focusing on the people and the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of societies, as well as dignifying work, respecting the environment, and promoting responsible and sustainable management of natural resources.

Our commitment

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