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Vaso lleno de grandes ideas
Our desire to improve and our drive for excellence are the heart and soul of Qualery. And it´s for this reason that we work tirelessly on expanding our knowledge through investigation, learning and experience.

The innovative approach and the entrepreneurial spirit of Saúl Álvarez, owner and CEO of Qualery, are undoubtedly some of the values that have set the company policy and the values that daily guide all of us who share the passion for this ambitious project.

Continuous investment in R&D is the cornerstone of Qualery´s success, as it is only through investigation and quality that we have been able to face challenges that the current markets presents. We invest around 2% of the turnover annually in R&D+i, which has allowed us to launch an average of two products a year and to offer the best solutions to the client.

Our work methodology allows us to carry out an exhaustive control and traceability of our raw materials and of the final product, so that we can get best coffee and soluble drinks. To this end, we combine state-of-the-art food technology and artisanal care in our production process and in our everyday life. Moreover, we are constantly reinforcing the customization of these products and continuously working on developing new ideas based on the market trends, trying to take the lead in environmentally-friendly technologies, paving the way for developing new concepts and services in all lines of products and sectors in which we operate.

The innovation in Qualery is applied to all departments and activities and it is always aligned with the strategic goals of the company. We are different, we are Qualery.

We want our clients to share our passion and to integrate Qualery and its products into their lifestyle. It is essential for us to be able to show our clients the exciting world of coffee and to continuously offer advice regarding our products. To achieve this, we organize educational visits to our facilities and a continuous training for our clients.

The social connection with the consumers is what motivates us to grow and continue innovating for excellence.

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