About us

Our story is one of determination, effort and passion. It is one of those stories which will convince you that where there’s a will, there’s a way; that team work, strong belief in innovation, and a determined bid for continued improvement are the true guarantors of competitiveness and success.

Qualery was born in 2000 and our main activity is the production and commercialisation of roasted coffee and all types of soluble drinks for the vending, dispensing and catering sectors. Our experience in the vending sector has given us deep insight both into the needs of our clients and those of different markets, allowing us to offer tailor-made solutions specifically adapted to the different sectors in which we operate. As a result of both our commitment to guarantee the best service to our clients and of the business lines diversification, as a model of growth and competitiveness, in 2013 we launched our coffee roasting company, which at that time was located in Arbizu, Navarra.

Hand in hand with the state-of-the-art food technology and the best raw materials, in Qualery we manage our coffee growth and harvesting processes as well as the production of soluble drinks in an integral, direct and personalized way, strictly complying with food regulations and ensuring the maximum quality standards, and of course, the quality of flavour.

Qualery has become a national reference point for the development and commercialization of specialty coffee and soluble products for vending, dispensing and catering sectors. In 2018 more than 170.000.000 services around the world put their trust in Qualery products.

At present, we have a production centre in Val de Santo Domingo (Toledo) with over 5.000 square meters of surface area, which encompasses both the coffee roasting plant and soluble drinks and cocoa production facilities.

Company´s mission, vision and values


Our MISSION is to provide, in those sectors in which we are present at the moment, unique and innovative experiences through our most exclusive specialty coffees and soluble drinks which are defined by excellence of flavour, aroma and superior quality.

Our mission is also to contribute to the industrialization of the culture of flavour, thereby fostering the well-being and health of people through an offer of products and services destined to excite all your senses in every stage of life; managing the company in a way which allows for innovation, integrity, and social corporative responsibility to sustain economic durability.


Our VISION is to be the leader on the market of specialty coffee and soluble drinks for vending, dispensing and catering sectors through the cultivation of the sector, the happiness of clients and employees and by providing global solutions.


  • Continuing innovation of products and experiences.
  • Flexibility in attending to the needs of the market.
  • Passion for our job and our products.
  • Teamwork spirit and effort.
  • Global thinking. Socialization and a sense of belonging.
  • Active and modern lifestyle.
  • Self-realization and self-expression.
  • Ambition, prestige, and a search for alternatives...
  • Disruptive differentiation.
  • Excellence and top quality.

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  • Polígono Industrial Santa Ana - Parcela 61
    45526 Val de Santo Domingo (Toledo) Spain
  • Phone number:(+34) 917 154 320
  • E-mail: info@qualery.es

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