Together we are stronger

One of our most important assets which allows us to achieve product excellency and sustainable development of our activities is our team. A team of people who are motivated and united by a shared passion: specialty coffee and soluble drinks. This passion strengthens our teamwork, trust, respect and integrity, helping us, at the same time, to identify our strategic goals and to attain them in an effective way.

Is there a more romantic and more effective way to make our clients fall in love with our products? At Qualery, the rewarding feeling aroused by our efforts to always do our best allows us to develop and offer exquisite, high quality coffees and powdered products.

Our team is made up of highly qualified individuals with an innovative mindset and a commitment to the company’s growth and steady progress towards the future.

We also work alongside with people highly specialized in raw materials, which enables us to make a careful selection of the best types of coffee and raw materials for an excellent product with added value at a best price.


The creation of new jobs and a potent HR policy support Qualery’s strong commitment to success and professional development of its employees, guaranteeing good, steady jobs and a stable and appealing professional career.

On the stage

Our producers

Here at Qualery, we are a small family, which is why we like to take care of every single detail. We know exactly where our coffees come from, who grows them and how they are treated in each stage of the process. We love to share the stories and the work of all those people who make it possible for you to enjoy a cup of our coffee.

Producers from Las Nubes Plantation

Mr Víctor Robelo and the processing of Las Nubes coffee

Since the very beginning of our journey through the world of coffee, we have relied on Mr. Víctor Robelo and Las Nubes Plantation to offer our clients the best arabica coffee. The Processing of Las Nubes Coffee is an entrepreneurial project the core idea of which is to establish a culture of quality applied to all of their coffee-growing processes: from planting to processing the cherries and market placement. Every year their experts in raw materials develop our recipes working hand-in-hand with Qualery’s investigation and development team.

Following a tradition of product excellence and process management, they have evolved and improved over the years; their estate is certified as Rainforest Alliance, which guarantees their dedication to sustainable agricultural practices and a long-lasting impact on their community. Furthermore, they have a program of responsibility, which has an active impact on education and waste management practices in their surrounding communities.

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