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More than just coffee and soluble drinks, Qualery products are a symbol of passion, effort and unconditional love for the nature and everything it gives us. They are a reflection of a successful teamwork, patience, dedication and determination... They are the result of all of us who believe in this project, the Qualery project.



Qualery Milk

Powdered milk, granulated or semi-granulated

We develop a wide range of dairy products for the vending sector, following a strict and rigorous quality control, using only carefully selected milk to achieve superior taste, which gives our products a differentiating character.

We use best raw materials and employ production processes which permit us to obtain optimal granulometry and thus guarantee the best taste of our dairy products and perfect preparation in the machine. Our QualeryMilks product line is characterized by the quality of raw materials, a balanced composition and a high nutritional value. We have different references in relation to product concentration.


Coffees imbued with the flavours and aromas of their places of origin

Qualery Coffee
We feel captivated by the soil, the nature and its strength and energy. Since we took our first steps in the world of coffee, we have learnt to respect nature’s time and processes, so as to be able to offer exclusive and high-quality products in the many sectors we work in.

Thanks to the different plantations we collaborate with and all the people who form part of them (direct trade), we import best green beans and then we make sure that in our roasting facilities in Val de Santo Domingo (Toledo) all this effort is maintained. We do that by creating different roasting profiles for coffees of different origins and varieties, and by providing a range of most exquisite flavours for every taste. For us, the figure of the master roaster is very important. If we want to create a perfect product, it is crucial to achieve the perfect roasting profile for each of our single-origin coffees and coffee blends.



Qualery Cocoa
Qualery Cocoa. Our cocoa beans are 100% natural and hand-picked at the place of origin using sustainable methods. Their quality, texture and taste make our cocoa products irresistible to true chocolate lovers.

Their perfect solubility and agglomeration processes implemented, make them a perfect product for automated selling, offering an unequalled flavour and optimal preparation in vending machines.



Qualery Blends
Qualery Blends. Delicious and aromatic blends for vending machines which will satisfy the finest of palates. Unique taste. Vending culture.

We are specialists in the selection of freeze-dried coffee and agglomerated and decaf agglomerated coffees, as well as in the elaboration of delicious and innovative cappuccinos. Moreover, we produce a wide range of teas, soups and other hot beverages.

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  • Polígono Industrial Santa Ana - Parcela 61
    45526 Val de Santo Domingo (Toledo) Spain
  • Phone number:(+34) 917 154 320
  • E-mail: info@qualery.es

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